The Ministry of safety and security is as a noble a task as those who are called to oversee the spiritual life of the church. The responsibility of a member of the security team is to address the physical welfare and personal property of people present during regular service at the church. The Bible urges us to be vigilant, because our adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour (1Pet 5:8). In the Old Testament we had men of valor and brave soldiers working as guards ensuring the city gates against the enemies of God’s people looking to steal, kill, and destroy. Today we live in a different time; however, the devil is in effect still actively prowling and seeking for vulnerabilities to disrupt and destroy the lives of believers by any means. The very present danger creates the need to continue having men to serve in the Ministry of safety and security.

1. To serve and protect the lives of those who are physically present at all regular church services and acts as a custodian of church and members personal properties.
2. To maintain order and taking proactive safeguards to prevent accidents, crimes and promote safety.
3. Identify elements of danger and independently exercise good judgment in cases of emergency and contact the appropriate entities.
4. Help alleviate congestion in the parking lot and execute routine patrol of the church property and the surrounding area for thieves, trespassers, and suspicious characters.

5. Work with the pastor, the board of elders and the deaconate for guidance.