Pastor Ducois Forestal

The Reverend Ducois Forestal is the founding pastor of Unity Pentecostal Church of God, Inc. Pastor Ducois is married to Lisseul, his wife and ministry partner of 35 years. Together they have two adult children Florence and Edith and a younger daughter Rachel. They are also the proud grandparents of three: Mnaikah, Destiny and Gabriel. He served as senior pastor and district pastor in Fond des Blanc, Haiti for over a decade prior to moving to the U.S.

Having immigrated to the U.S. and answering the call of God to lead a group of people anew, Ducois knows firsthand the challenges minority families face in trying to rise above their circumstances. He is a fervent advocate for education as a means to improve the social and economic welfare of families/individuals and to empower them to rise above life’s challenges.

His passion for higher learning motivated him to continue his studies after coming to the U.S. and obtaining his Masters of Divinity in theology.

Understanding the connection between biblical spirituality and social responsibility inspired him to establish the “Forestal Education Fund” giving opportunities to kids less fortunate who otherwise would be learning in the streets. At the core of both biblical and practical principles set forth are the greatest tools and solutions to positively impact spiritual and social change in individuals, families, churches and communities. Under Pastor Ducois’ leadership, the unwavering support of his wife Lisseul, and the leadership staff of Unity Pentecostal the church has grown in numbers to become a beacon of light and hope to the community and society at large.

After 35 years in ministry, Ducois continues to be a leading voice of inspiration, a visionary and energetic speaker/teacher who has a passion for souls, families, and the next generation. Pastor Ducois is a well-respected leader amongst new and veteran pastors and is highly regarded as a father in the faith for many.