Welcome to Unity Pentecostal church of God a place that lives to worship God and minister to the different needs of people in the church and the community at large. I am excited about how the Spirit of God is moving in great power in our midst since our very humble beginnings. I want to personally invite you to attend one of our many services and experience firsthand a life changing encounter with the living God. We are a loving congregation that welcomes all people into the Lord’s house with open arms. There are many activities and events happening at Unity Pentecostal church of God where we minister to men, women, youth, children and families. Come to visit and you will not regret.

Your brother in Christ,

Ducois Forestal, Pastor/Counselor, M.A.R

The History of Unity Pentecostal Church

The inception of Unity Pentecostal Church of God, began with a unified vision of having a place of worship where all actions and decisions are God focus. The vision would be birth during a prayer meeting in the home of one of the original eight families (approx. 25 members) whom later would become the tools used by God to lay down the foundation of a God fearing, Holy Ghost filled, tongue speaking, fire burning and light bearing to the world people. The prayer meeting took place in the month of November 1989, and the collection that day became the first monetary seed planted into the creation of the church. God blessed the efforts and obedience of the families led by Senior Pastor Ducois Forestal. Unity Pentecostal is an independent church not affiliated with or governed by any organization. Instead, we are guided by a board of elders (i.e. church members that meet the biblical qualifications for church leadership).

Fueled by the desire to see the vision God had given them becoming a reality, it was decided that the time had come to find a place more conducive to worship. The decision to find and rent a place inspired the eight families to each make a pledge of monetary support to sustain the financial necessities. The monetary pledge of the families made it possible in the month of February 1990 to rent and move into a temporary location that was capable of seating 40 to 50 members. The church flourished spiritually and with increasing membership to the point where that temporary building could no longer accommodate the need of the group and the decision was made to have a building, a temple of our own. The search for a new building led the church leaders to our current location, our temple since 1995. The hand of God continues to bless our assembly with membership of over 200 parishioners and increasing; this new blessing has prompted the complete renovation of the building to expanding the temple to house approximately 250 members.

Ever since our humble beginnings, the role of the family has been instrumental to us effectively ministering to the needs of people. Understanding that the church begins at home, family time comes second only to spending time with God. We believe by equipping our youth and strengthening the families with the word of God, we are laying down the foundation for a more just society and bearing light to a world full of darkness. You are now invited to partake of our blessing and unified vision.