Family Ministry

Family ministry is of the utmost importance in the community. It is established to promote family values necessary for the development and the fortification of the nuclear family (father, mother and children) as a component of society. As generally accepted, the nuclear family is the most important cell of society. In fact, society is a reflection of all families that makes up society as a whole. There cannot be a balanced church obeying the will of God if the families are imbalanced morally, spiritually or socially.

Principal role of family ministry:

  1. Support young couples in their new experience of married life.
  2. Encourage parents to inculcate basic spiritual concepts to their children at an early age.
  3. Promote family values within the community.
  4. Promote recreational and social activities to benefit families and the community.
  5. Promote harmony within the families through suitable and regular exchanges.
  6. Organize educational activities such as seminars, conferences, and retreats aiming for the success of families.
  7. Work in concert with the Pastor and elders of the church to fight divorce as a plague corroding society.